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What is Respite Care?

                Respite care is a great short-term, no commitment option that is offered at Lodge Lane.  Respite allows for a two-week minimum stay in a furnished apartment with an all-inclusive rate.  Every short-term stay resident experiences the same outstanding amenities, personalized assistance, care and engaging programming as our permanent residents.  This allows you to enjoy the amenities offered within the Community without the commitment of a long-term stay.

Why Choose Respite?

                Anyone can request a respite stay.  A Respite stay can provide 24-hour support and assistance during the time a caregiver is unavailable due to work, medical or vacation schedules.  It also offers piece of mind for those who aren’t sure that assisted living is the right move for them by allowing for a 30-day trial.

Hospital to Home

                Respite stays are a great stepping stone after a non-qualifying hospital stay before returning home.  With the added benefit of 24-hour assistance, medication management and therapies, respite is a good option to ensure a safe and successful return home.