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Coronavirus Campus Updates

In efforts to expedite communications with our community at large, KSLC will be posting links to various validated sites providing information on the COVID-19 outbreak as well as Campus postings regarding our most up-to-date policy and procedures as the situation develops. 

KSLC Covid-19 Update

Check back frequently to stay informed as the state of affairs may evolve quickly.  



Find a COVID testing site near you.  Please note that some sites require physician orders and all require a scheduled appointment.  Click HERE to find the current test sites.

"COVID-19 Vaccines: Real Talk with Two Delaware Doctors"

If you’re still on the fence, or even if you’re not, you can re-watch the webinar on YouTube by clicking here:

For follow-up information, take note of the State Department of Public Health vaccine website address and hotline phone number—both of which are in the video.


Questions about where to get a second dose?

Click HERE to find the latest information regarding Covid-19 Vaccine in Delaware


General Public Vaccine Factsheet  English  Spanish